About the Square

Walter Sisulu Square in the heart of Kliptown , Soweto, is South Africa’s first township entertainment explosion centre, the very first of its kind eMzansi , attracting both national and international attention with its broad variety of outlets suitable for local traders, event coordinators and international tourist. The Square embraces a unique historical background, South African culture at its best, mingled up with modern urbanization, trendsetting what South Africa is best known for, its diverse cultures and way of life, a total fascination to the outside world and those abroad. It is simply a concoction of historical rejuvenation , a futuristic conceptualization with a dynamic experimentation of township fever.

The Square does in its unique way celebrate what township life is all about, its people, their spirit, their passion and aspirations , yet at the same time has a vibey dose of eastern vibration that entices everybody from all walks of life even those who strive on sophistication and elegant living. It sends a total culture shock to the pessimist yet doesn’t fail to impress them on its rich historical quality or the spirit of Freedom that lives on at the Square and its people in Kliptown, it is indeed a Heritage site that doesn’t fail to capture its audience and quench their thirst , and all those who have set their foot at Walter Sisulu Square have only one thing to say ” This is Ekasi redesigned.kasi style coming alive ”

With over 10 retail shop, 6 commercial offices, banks and service providers, you are guaranteed an easy “trade ” whether traveling or staying overnight around the Square, and if shopping its not what you are about, you can feast your eyes and brain on our Open Air Museum, the Freedom Charter Monument, our Hawkers Stall with the famous township Tshisa Nyama and the Tourist Centre, whatever your fancy is , the Square can meet it, and if you thought that was too good to be true, we’ll top it all off with our 4 star hotel and our 3 levelled Multi Purpose Hall to suit any function and event you might have in mind, a true events coordinators dream, and this is where it all happens, at the Walter Sisulu Square .

The Walter Sisulu Square will guarantee you a historical experience whilst allowing you the freedom of the present and time-track your focuss on the future, it is where everybody wants to be, where every foot wants to step on , it is definitely one of the areas that makes Soweto the world’s favourite destination areas, and it lives up to everyones’s expectation. It is where Freedom reigns, where Freedom is embodied, it is truly where we Capture the Spirit of Freedom and the only language we speak is one everybody understands, and that language is Freedom !!!!

If edutainment is what you looking for , come to the Square, it will allow you to experience history , experience the future, experience ekasi ‘s classic living in one go with no doubt .The Walter Sisulu Square Kliptown will fascinate you, mesmerize you , and capture you ,as the beacon of light shine through, to burn the bridge of diversity and prejudice , refining and strengthening what others gave up their lives for, commemorating that which has been attained for everyone to experience , that which frees one’s soul and liberates one’s mind, the knowledge that ” I AM FREE “. and it happens as you step into the Square, the Walter Sisulu Square e Kliptown.